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Beginners Pilates - Samples Videos

Once you are a member you will be able to work your way through the beginner videos. These sessions are suitable for seniors and anyone who is new to Pilates progressing up to intermediate level.


Beginners Bitesize




How to do the individual moves

Intermediate Pilates - Samples Videos

Once you are a member you will be able to gain access to our range of Intermediate videos. Once establishing a good foundation with Pilates through the beginner’s section these workouts will start to push your performance a little harder.


Full Body workout


Core Session

Advanced Pilates - Samples Videos

After a bit more! Once you are a member you will find our advanced Pilates sessions are ideal for people with Pilates experience, offering more challenges and intensity to the workouts.


Advanced session


Weights workout


How to do the advanced moves

Body Sculpt Pilates have always delivered fabulous classes but I have been so impressed with how Claire has adapted to the challenge of delivering online live pilates classes during the Covid-19 outbreak. Keeping us all feeling connected whilst also giving us valued ‘me time’ has been amazing- thank you Claire! - Rachel

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