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All my classes run term time with pop up classes over the holidays.

The blocks are 5 - 7 weeks long costing £8 per class and £6 for seniors. The term must be paid for in full prior to the start date.

No refund is given for missed classes but I will try to give you the opportunity to make up a missed session in another class.

Please get in touch to book a term.

You will need your own mat.

Please visit the website to view the timetable



9:30 - Mixed Ability

10:45 - Seniors

1:30 - Seniors 

18:30 - Mixed Ability

19:45 - Advanced 

10:30 - Mixed Ability

11:45 - Seniors

18:00 - Sculptors

19:15 - Mens

11:00 Seniors 

Monday                    Tuesday               Wednesday               Thursday                    Friday 

Term Dates 

Term 1 - Monday 6th Jan - Friday 14th Feb - 6 week term £48/£36 seniors

Term 2 - Monday 24th Feb - Friday 3rd April - 6 week term £48/£36 seniors

Term 3 - Monday 20th April - Friday 22nd May - 5 week term £40/seniors £30

Term 4 - Monday the 1st June - Friday 24th July (no classes wk 7th - 13th July) - 7 week term £56/seniors £42


​Mixed Ability

This class is suitable for anyone who is new to Pilates and people with experience up to intermediate level. All the moves have varying levels of difficulty, offering progressions and adaptations to make the move easier. This allows you to work within the class at your own level. 

Senior Pilates  

Senior Pilates is for both men and women who are 60+. This class is suitable for rehabilitation and people suffering with common orthopaedic conditions. 

It's a great way to stay supple and strong without putting stress on your joints. It is a sociable class thats's ideal for people wanting to stay fit and healthy in their more senior years.

Mens Pilates

This class is for people with Pilates experience. It consists of a wide variety of intermediate and advanced level moves. It has a slightly higher tempo than the mixed ability level, with fewer brakes whilst I demonstrate moves. I welcome anyone to come along to this class as long as they have a confident and clear concept of Pilates and hold a good level of understanding and core strength. 



Private Tuition 

This is a Plates fusion class designed to offer an intense all over work out. Its great fun and will offer some challenging work. Experience with Pilates is recommended. The class consists of:

Warm up

10 mins joint mobility and core connection work

20 mins small ball deep core work

20 mins small hand weights strength and tone

10 mins leg stretches with bands

cool down stretches.


This class is for men only and is not a rehab class. It works at a intermediate level with some advanced moves. Working to tone, sculpt and strengthen the body. All moves are given varying options of difficulty allowing you to work at your own level. Its a fun vibrant class that will work you hard and will give you great results. Plain mat classes run on alternative weeks with equipment and a sculptor weights class in between. 

I offer one on one tuition for people who struggle to come to a class or prefer private lessons. This can be done in your home or at Body Sculpt Health and Fitness studios.

I tailor the lessons to the individual. Taking into account previous Pilates experience, any postural or physical issues, your level of fitness and what you are looking to gain from our sessions. 

This offers a great opportunity to get my full attention and guidance.


Sessions are 1 hour long 

£40 for 1 session

£140 for a block of 4  


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