The D word… Diet

15 June 2020

Now before I get started I need to make it perfectly clear that there is no control over who writes articles on nutrition and diets! now that’s not to say that there aren’t some truly brilliant people out there but there is also a lot of uneducated information. Social media does nothing to help this. Just so you know I am a fully qualified nutrition advisor and I spent a long time studying and qualifying to be so!

Anyone can create a diet, get someone famous to show the amazing success they’ve had and hey presto the new 50/40/10 diet that allows green food but no red and only pink food on a day ending in D! So what you’re probably thinking right now is ‘well if it works and I loose weight then so what’ Now I need you to listen to this bit carefully, this is the bit you need to take in.

To loose 1 pound in weight you need to create 3500 calorie deficit. This means that many diets create a slightly bigger deficit to guarantee results. Still wondering what the problem is? There are several… are you able to continue with the 50/40/10 with only green and no red diet for the rest of your life? if the answer is no then the weight will go back on as your old relationship with food was still there lurking under the surface. There is the obvious lack of education! but the worse thing is these diets are so strong that people often loose more then 1-2Lbs a week….. Great?…… No! If you lost too much weight too quickly its not just fat you’re losing, you are also getting rid of precious muscle. Ever dropped a load of weight then pilled it back on after plus some? Here’s why! your muscles burn calories, so the last thing you want to do is loose them through rapid weight loss. When you can no longer maintain the controlled diet, you may not have the original muscle mass you had before to control the increased calorie load and the weight will propel up.

Now for so long we have seen calories as the enemy, counting them, restricting them and disliking them. I would like you to see them another way, as fuel. Over the coming weeks I will be talking to you about all things diet related but I do want to quickly touch on Carbs. Stop restricting them and blaming them, it is the biggest thing that makes my eyes roll on social media, that and excess protein and shakes to name a few. Now the reason I mention carbs with calories is that these little beauties will fuel you. I’m afraid I am not talking about crisps, biscuits and pizza. I’m talking about wholegrain, wholegrain wholegrain. Healthy Carbs that give you effective energy and stop you becoming hungry. A slice of white bread may have the same calories as a slice of wholegrain but it is nutritionally poor and will leave you feeling hungry soon after dinner. Where as wholegrain bread will fuel you and fill you. Ever had those days where you think I’m going to be so good today’ and you are, you nibble on celery and salad, drink water and feel chuffed to bits with yourself until the following day! when you could literally eat your own body weight, you are starving. The lack of calories from restricting healthy carbs is not a good idea. I love carbs, they are awesome and your body agrees that’s why it stores them ready to give you energy when you need it. Restrict them and the hunger will catch up with you, and hunger often causes bad food choices! One of the first things that I get new clients to do is eat bread, wholegrain bread, cereal and rice.

To finish todays look at diets I want you to have a little look at your relationship with food. One of the most common things I hear from people is that they know what to do, they just need to do it! interesting when you think about it. When thinking about your relationship with food ask yourself;

Do you finish everything on your plate? I know we were told to do this when we were younger but please don’t make your children do the same, I will explain in later blogs. Learn when you’re full! better in the bin then stored as fat!

Do you have seconds? Please take this in, Stop. You do not need more, nor would you ask for more in a restaurant. Be sensible when you load your plate and trust that it is enough.

Do you eat snacks between meals? I actively encourage snacking. I will go into this in more detail but healthy controlled snacking helps you to balance your day. Quick rule of thumb have 2 and keep them under 120 kcals

Do you drink water? I’m sure I don’t need to explain this!

Do you eat breakfast? please start, make sure its low in sugar and high in wholegrain when possible.

That’s it for now. I have so much to say but that would not do you any good. If you want to loose weight, start slow with a couple of changes a week, learn a little and make sure it sinks in. Maybe start with the questions above and let me know how you do. I will carry on with the next instalment as soon as I can. Please take this with you, Food is to be enjoyed not to feel guilty about.