The Benefit of Pilates

17 November 2020

Pilates has so many benefits but for me one of my favourite things is its versatility. Given the chance it literally has something for everyone from injury rehabilitation to the athlete who wants to avoid injury. The new mum recovering from carrying and giving birth, to the senior wanting to stay mobile and strong. As an instructor this is where my love of Pilates grows year in, year out, all the time allowing for new challenges with new people.

Here are some key points about what you can gain from regular Pilates.

Low Impact – Pilates allows you to condition and strengthen your body without stressing joints.

Find Your ‘Power House’ – Focusing on developing a strong core and lower back. Pilates helps you to strengthen pelvic floor muscles along with abdominal and back muscles.

Creates Flexibility – Pilates encourages full body flexibility. Especially focusing on tight hamstrings which are often responsible for lower back pain.

Even Toning – Working on all the muscle groups, helping to develop an evenly toned and strengthened body.

Love Your Spine –Movements and stretches help to mobilise and loosen tight stiff spines. Easing aches and building back muscles.

Feel Good Factor – Pilates really does leave you feeling great. Working on deep lateral thoracic breath whilst focusing on how the body feels, whilst taking the time to connect and move is guaranteed to make you feel fantastic.

Mobilising Joints – Especially in the shoulders and hips, helping to strengthen connective and supportive ligaments encouraging a healthy range of movement.

Challenge – As you move and progress through the levels you will be presented with new challenges to get your teeth into.

Deep Targeting – Pilates is amazing at targeting small troublesome areas or finding and reminding you of muscles you forgot you had!

Versatility – There is so much to do from mat work to working with equipment like hand weights. There is something for everyone, with so much variety it will keep your interest and determination to improve.