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I am very passionate about Pilates and a firm believer in the positive effects it has on the mind and body.


Following a Caesarian section, like many women I turned to Pilates to help to rebuild my core. I gained a lot of weight whilst pregnant and coupled with the operation felt deeply unhappy at what my body had become. Alongside running Pilates helped me to not only regain my figure but make it better, stronger, leaner and more flexible. I shed 4 1/2 stone and love my new found shape.

This set me on my path to training as a Pilates instructor.


I am now a certified level 3 Pilates instructor. Offering group classes in Oakington, Cambridge and private tuition within a 10 mile radius.


I'm a fully qualified nutrition and weight management advisor. Offering several services to help you with your nutrition needs.


Im also a passionate runner who takes part in a wide range of races whenever I can! from muddy cross country 5k runs to half marathons. One day in the not to distant future a marathon is definitely on the cards. 



Certified Level 3 Pilates instructor

PIlates for Common Orthopaedic Conditions

Level 3 Award in Designing Pre and Post Natal Exercise Programmes

Pilates with Small Equipment

Advanced Diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management

Post and Prenatal Nutrition

Nutrition for Sports and Exercise

Childhood Nutrition and Obesity Prevention  



Future Fit Training Access Mat Pilates Fundamentals

Future Fit Training Pilates Improver Matwork

Future Fit Training Pilates Advanced Matwork

Future Fit Pilates With Small Equipment Course 


Fully Insured




What my clients say:
'I had my Twin girls in August 2014, via an elective cesarean section. I joined Claire's class in January 2015, just 4 1/2 months PP. In that first session, i was shocked at how weak my core had become after pregnancy and surgery, which i hadn't noticed during day to day running around being a mum.
After around 5 sessions, i really began to feel the benefit of the class, for a number of reasons! 1 being the obvious strengthening and toning of my muscles. 2 being my emotional wellbeing, I have to admit, as great as i now feel physically, the time away to relax and breath is by far more important and beneficial to my health.
Claire is an amazing instructor, with patience and understanding, offering each individual specific advice, giving everyone the chance to achieve their goals, in the most comfortable yet challenging ways.
I LOVE this class, its been my saviour! Thank you'


'A great class from a knowledgeable, friendly and professional teacher. Each move is explained with a range of options. She takes time to give individual care and attention'


'Awesome! Did my first class tonight and loved it, a relaxed atmosphere and a friendly, professional teacher'



'Having already enjoyed Claire's intermediate pilates class, I did what I would normally avoid like the plague - I signed up to online classes! Not the same as having her expert attention of course, but you still get her knowlege and enthusiasm flowing from the screen, and there are some bonuses to an online get to practice whenever it is convenient for you, you can mix and match modular sessions depending on your time, stamina and energy levels, and you can practice those more tricky moves in the safety of your own home (...*teasers*...)! Thanks Claire!'




'Claire is an amazing teacher. I unfortunately underwent a c-section with my little girl and was feeling weak afterwards. Claire helped me regain strength in my core, which improved my confidence. I love going to the class, because I do not feel I have to push myself every week especially if I have had a hard day with my little one, but on the weeks I feel good and ready to push myself I know that Claire is there to support me, so that I do not push myself too hard. I also love it as it gives me a bit of time to myself, which is important with having a young baby.'


'Excellent way to start a Monday morning, with a brilliant teacher'


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